Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Pet for George

Hi Lila,
I was thinking about getting a pet for my disabled brother George's birthday. I don't know what to get him. He can't walk or speak so I wanted something that couldn't hurt him and he can't call for help. We were thinking of a smaller pet, like a rabbit or a lizard. Turtles are one of his favorite animals too, but we want something affectionate.  Have you had any experience with small animals? Do you have any that you could tell me about? What do you think I should get for him?I really need to figure this out.

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Alice,
By all means, look into getting a smaller pet for yourself if you'd like, but it doesn't seem like it would help George that much.  A young man with Georges disabilities could benefit from a service animal.  These are most often dogs, and can help a person be more independent.  Great information may be found from the Service Animal Registry of America.  Their website is: 

If you do decide to get a smaller pet for your own pleasure, I'm sure George would enjoy seeing and touching a rabbit, lizard or turtle.  The stimulation of feeling a rabbit's fur or the warm skin of a lizard could provide a fun activity for you to share with your brother.  He's fortunate to have a sister interested in sharing his world.

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